Since 2012 we have used (Building Information Modeling) BIM tools and methodology, in order to create a virtual model that simulates an already constructed facility. This virtual model is a unique base containing all the parametrical information of each and every element that makes up the project.

Advantages of using the BIM system:
  • BIM improves the visualization of projects and allowing for faster detection of problems and conflicts in early stages, which serves to optimize the design process.
  • The virtual model allows for trials of different concepts and options to assess the advantages of the different approaches.
  • All the team members involved (architects and engineers) access the same database, which enables a better teamwork coordination.
  • All the information regarding the project such as costs, quantities, schedules, etc. is integrated in the virtual model and available anytime.
  • Right from the beginning, developers and investors get a realistic concept of the planned building.
  • BIM is the technical base for sustainable building projects and their certification.
  • Once the building works are completed, the virtual model database can be used as a base for the facility management.
In TBI we use the BIM Software Autodesk Revit, which is compatible with Autodesk AutoCAD and many other common CAD software.